Mass Effect Trilogy

Everyone loved Mass Effect. Well... they did until the ending of part 3. That notwithstanding, it remains one of the finest trilogies in existence, and often raises the response of 'Oh, I still need to play that' when a conversation strikes up about how people's own personal journeys came together. Furthermore, given how much replayability it has - the ending of Mass Effect 2 alone can be toyed around with to an insane degree - we'd imagine even those that have finished it would fancy going through it again.

After all, what else is there to play on the Xbox One and PS4?*



Skyrim is a magnificent achievement. A world that big, and packed with that much content is a revelation on current-gen machines. It stands to reason, then, that on consoles with more powerful hardware it'd be absolutely outstanding. Such the move would also tidy up some of the performance issues it did struggle with, offering the most complete version out there. We imagine visually it'd look ridiculous as well.

Much like Mass Effect, the sheer size of Skyrim would ensure that both new and old players alike would probably be enticed by it. Even if you've done the main quest, there's quite literally hundreds of other things to lose yourself in.

Crysis Trilogy

So, yeah... Crysis is a little boring. And never forget: 'Be The Weapon'. Putting those things aside, it does have one major thing going for it, namely, that it has always looked phenomenal. Crytek has become the kings of visuals, seemingly putting that before anything else, so remastering this trilogy would give graphic-whores the world over something to really kick up a fuss about.

Remember that there are already a pretty badass PC version already doing the rounds and surely it'd be an easy job for the developer, too. Unless they're still sticking to that whole 'free-to-play only' nonsense they spouted a while ago...

The Witcher 2

There's a lot of fuss about The Witcher 3, so there's a lot of stock in turning back the clock and trying to give its prequel another day in the sun. As good as the CDProjektRed's original sequel is, if you decide to play it on 360 over PC... well you could be insane. Therein lies the genius in getting it onto the Xbox One and PS4, though. It takes a very good game, builds hype for the third, and finally gives console players the chance to experience it in the right way.

So just do it.

Far Cry 3

'I didn't play Far Cry 3 because of all the hoopla about it eventually coming to next-gen consoles' said's own Tom Orry. He's not the only one either. When the internet started shouting that Ubisoft had something big up its sleeve in regards to its open world shooter - or that it may come to Microsoft's and Sony's new babies - some people held off. Now, that seems like a rather daft decision (it doesn't look likely anymore...), but if the French-based publisher were to spring it on us now, a whole new audience may descend on the franchise.


Is it happening? Isn't it happening? Will it even come to PC? No one knows the answer. We all assume we do, but until Rockstar says so there's nothing to go on but hearsay and rumour. After All, the original noise stated it was going to make its way to next-gen consoles in March. Don't bet on that anytime soon...

If it does eventually come to pass, however, it'll probably be one of the biggest games to hit the Xbox One and PS4 despite coming out last September on the 360 and PS3. GTA 5's sales figures remain ridiculous. A dolled-up version will only make the adoring audience all the more ravenous for it.

State of Decay

If you watch our stupid video content, you'll know we've spent a good deal of time trying to convince you that although State of Decay looked pretty rough, there's a cracking survival game buried underneath. The original version on the Xbox 360 has seen a number of hefty patches that fixed the real glaring issues, including the possibility that your console would implode if you bumped into too many zombies, and the later release on PC is a much better game all round. But wouldn't it would be nice to see the game done justice on a technical front?

It's unlikely that we'll see such a remake, as Undead Labs' immediate future lies with the Zombie MMO they've been dreaming of since the beginning, but a prettier, more robust State of Decay easily makes its way onto our list.

Fallout 3

Falling in line with Skyrim, Fallout 3 - or New Vegas - would excel on next-gen formats because of the tidying up process it can go through. While the technical issues didn't do much to take away from the overall power of the game, it's been long enough that an 'ultimate' version would tickle many people's interest.

Given that Fallout 4 may be imminent the chances of this happening are arguably slim, but if the internet has taught us anything it's that if you shout and moan enough, you'll probably get your way. Even if you shouldnt.

Resident Evil

Remake edited

The best version of one of the best games ever, Resi Remake has one fatal flaw: its beautiful (for the time) pre-rendered backgrounds were made for resolutions that now make it look terrible when being played on any television that can be carried by just one person.

So now we're going to have to get Capcom to make Resident Evil Remake Remake. Or REMake HD. Or Super Resident Evil HD Remix. Or something. What we're trying to say is that if Capcom can make seventy-two versions of Street Fighter IV, it can spend the time restoring this classic to its former glory.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Because if they get another chance, maybe Gearbox will actually get it right this time...

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