This Smart Laser Projector gets $500 slashed off MSRP one week ahead of Black Friday

This Smart Laser Projector gets $500 slashed off MSRP one week ahead of Black Friday
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Your Christmas just got cozier with Samsung’s 120-inch 4K Smart projector that just got a generous $500 knocked from the asking price. Now available for $3,0000 (previously $3,500), you’re getting a total of 14% off the asking price. It certainly doesn’t come cheap, but know that you’re paying the premium for an HDR10 projector that produces a bright, crisp image.

If you’ve been reluctant to splash out on a projector, The Premiere LSP7T performs very much like a TV, only it’s up to 130 inches bigger. $3,000 is big bucks for home entertainment, but compared to an 80-inch TV, you’re saving hundreds, and in some cases, thousands. You can connect your smart devices via Apple AirPlay 2 and access all the popular streaming services. Other useful features include three HDMIs, a Freeview HD tuner input and built-in Wi-Fi. In other words, the LSP7T has all the makings of a Smart TV which is why we’re recommending it.

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$500 off NOW!

120″ Class The Premiere LSP7T 4K Smart Laser Projector

4K HDR10, 2800 ANSI Lumen, 40 Watts of 4.2ch built-in audio, Acoustic boom, Easy connectivity,

The main concern people have about buying projectors is whether the image will be bright enough. The Premiere PSP7T uses a DLP-based system that basically allows maximum light from the lasers to reach your screen or wall. Unlike traditional light bulb projectors, the LSP7T stays much cooler too, and will save you the trouble of replacing the lamps when they run out.

Lamp projectors actually degrade over time, and usually last around 2000-5000 hours. A laser proejctor like the LSP7T meanwhile has a lifespan of a whopping 20,000 hours. That’s an impressive achievement from Samsung. Layering this on top of HDR10+ support and Dolby Atmos sound produces a fantastically immersive experience.

We’re fans of the tasteful white design with minimal buttons too, and our only qualm you should know before buying is that it’s not truely native 4K. It’s almost the same, but technically, the pixels use a different system of illumination which only simulates 4K. It still works pretty effectively, but is definitely something you should know before buying. We’d also recommend checking out our recommendations of the best soundbars if your budget allows for a more immersive experience.