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Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

DICE has rolled out server upgrades which it says are already improving the rubber banding issues many users have been experiencing in 64-player matches since the launch of the Naval Strike DLC.

"We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week," wrote Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM. "In preparation, we conducted a significant amount of testing before installing the new servers to ensure they would correct the issue. We are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue.

"While the process took longer than we would've liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place."

Troedsson concluded: "Our objective is to deliver the best player experience possible. We feel this solution helps us deliver that to you. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information."

For many these improvements have come way too late.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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User Comments

Nades's Avatar


Good news, I haven't got too annoyed because I have left it for months to wait for something like this. Still got the problem where we can't play campaign without getting the save data corrupt thing though. Hope they fix that.
Posted 12:56 on 27 April 2014
dazzadavie's Avatar


Long time battlefield fan but this no longer gets played, it's taken to long and I feel it maybe to late too.
Posted 07:02 on 26 April 2014
altaranga's Avatar


For me these improvements have come way too late.
Posted 20:16 on 25 April 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Posted 17:06 on 25 April 2014
watur123's Avatar


Already lost interest.
Posted 16:31 on 25 April 2014

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