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Fatal Inertia screenshot
Fatal Inertia screenshot

The Fatal Inertia demo has been available to US and Japanese gamers for a while now; the good news is Koei sends word that it should be available on the European Xbox LIVE Marketplace later today.

The demo has been received with a mixed reception, but its small file size and three race modes mean it's probably worth a look.

Koei has also announced that a playable demo of Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War will be released in October, with a demo of Dynasty Warriors GUNDAM following a few weeks later.

Fatal Inertia will be released across Europe on September 14 followed by Bladestorm on November 2 and Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM on November 9.

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I downloaded (only 380Mb or so) and, basically, it's naff. Something you'd expect to see running on Arcade rather than as a main 360 game. The demo froze when I pressed a button during a loading screen after the 2nd race, but that was only because I was in such a hurry to delete it from memory.

The ships have about the same handling as a ball of wool, whoever did the sound effects seemed to have been handed a crowbar and a drainpipe and then was told to 'get on with it', and my cat could probably produce better graphics with a pack of Crayolas whilst wearing oven gloves.

Worst demo. Ever.

On the plus side, the demo includes a nice trailer for the game which looks nothing like it.
Posted 14:04 on 14 August 2007

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