Alien: Isolation screenshot
Alien: Isolation screenshot

Creative Assembly has moved to reassure fans that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Alien Isolation will still look the part when the game releases later this year, explaining that the current and next-gen versions looked "almost identical" earlier in development.

Speaking with EDGE, creative lead Alistair Hope explained how the game's console development originated on Xbox 360 and PS3 and that "the core experience" between the two generations versions remains "identical".

"A little while back, we used to be able to put them side by side and play guess the platform, because they were almost identical," said Hope. "We've been able to squeeze every last bit of power out of those old machines, but as we've got later versions of the [new] hardware we've been able to take advantage of some of the enhancements. The core experience is identical, though."

He continued: "For many years, the PS3 and 360 builds were our only console builds, so it was important to us that they would be great. That's why it's all done in-house."

Alien Isolation was announced earlier this month and sees Ellen Ripley's daughter searching for clues to her mother's whereabouts aboard a space station.

The game is due to launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in late 2014.

Source: EDGE #263

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PS3 version of game has very limited save points at beginning, along with exceedingly long load/reload times throughout the course of the entire game. Levels that have the alien, have the alien pacing around continuously nearby, or basically hi-speed move/warping between levels to end up nearly instantly along side you. The "scanner" is virtually near useless, with no range indicated and useless grid bars. This game on the PS3 is not a game of intelligent survival, it is merely a game for testing extreme levels of patience in reloads, along with learning nothing more then the movement dance to get through the levels. Basically alien movement is unrealistic; the game as a whole is nothing more then a test of patience.
Posted 22:05 on 08 March 2015

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