Nintendo Land screenshot
Nintendo Land screenshot

Amazon has apologised to customers whose copy of Nintendo Land was missing from their Wii U Premium Pack, and issued download codes to all Premium Pack customers entitling them to download a digital copy of the game for free.

Amazon claims that "supplier error" saw a "small number" of Wii U Premium Packs being delivered without a copy of the advertised game, and offered its "sincere apologies for any inconvenience".

"It's been brought to our attention that a small number of orders for this item may have been delivered without the advertised game, Nintendo Land, due to supplier error," Amazon said in an email to its customers.

"In the event that your order was one of the small number missing the game, please use the following code and instructions below, to download the game."

Download codes have been sent to every customer who bought a Wii U Premium Pack, regardless of whether or not they had reported that their copy of the game was missing.

If you bought a Premium Pack from Amazon, check your junk mail. There could be a download code waiting for you.

Certain Amazon customers reported last Friday that their copy of Nintendo Land was missing from their Wii U Premium Pack. The game should come supplied with every Premium Pack.

Wii U launched last Friday in the UK. Today's UK Top 40 Charts revealed that Nintendo Land was the most popular exclusive on the console.

Source: Amazon

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MJTH's Avatar


Oh Amazon and your grudge against Nintendo. If those two were still on good terms, and Amazon was willing to buy stock from Nintendo, maybe this would not of happened... At least they are fixing this problem quickly.
Posted 10:31 on 03 December 2012
Ghost5's Avatar


Hmmm I never got an email from them :( At least I got my copy. Better than Wii Sports :)
Posted 10:12 on 03 December 2012

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