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Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot
Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot

UPDATE: Worlds Factory has since spoken to Blueside to clarify Lee's comments, which claims that he was actually referring to the PC version being played on the average computer.

"We never compared graphic quality of PS4 with high-end computer," Blueside said. "When we answered to that question, we answered by comparing PS4 with average computers."

The developer continued: "Also I want to make sure to specify that all released video and pictures of Kingdom Under Fire II was taken by PC platform. We haven't released any video or pictures of PS4 platform Kingdom Under Fire II yet."

ORIGINAL REPORT: The PlayStation 4 version of upcoming MMORPG Kingdom Under Fire 2 has "better graphics" than the PC version, according to producer Sang-Yoon Lee, who believes that PC users will be "very angry" to hear about the visual discrepancies.

Talking about the differences between the two versions with (via Gaming Bolt), Lee admitted that it was "a little hard to [discuss the differences] right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry. PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version."

It isn't yet clear how exactly the two versions will differ.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is due to release on PC later this month, with Blueside aiming for a simultaneous release across Europe, Japan and Korea on PS4 later this year. The developer says that it's also in discussions with Microsoft to try and bring the game to Xbox One.


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User Comments

brookie94's Avatar


lol, that goes beyond a lazy port. It's a sad state of affairs when certain gamers will cheer something like this just because it's bad news for certain other gamers. Fanboys gonna fanboy.

But really, sucks for KUF PC fans, not that there are many of them, the series has always been xbox exclusive.
Posted 23:59 on 08 April 2014
chrishatton's Avatar

chrishatton@ bobbetybob

I was just thinking how they have managed to make the pc version worse? Surely they develop from a base engine then optimize it for both. You answered my question really I dont know enough about it but its seems odd from the out set that the pc version would be so much worse running. If anyone can explain further i would be grateful
Posted 12:35 on 08 April 2014
chrishatton's Avatar


Seems deliberately antagonistic to me.
Posted 12:32 on 08 April 2014
justerthought's Avatar


This sounds a bit shady. I know the master race is a bit of a pain constant measuring themselves and then shoving it in your face, but it's obvious the devs have put all effort into the PS4 version and just done an average port for the PC. The PS4 is a very powerful console, but a high spec PC will always beat it if you throw enough money at it. One side of me is cheering PS4 with gloats of retribution, while the other side is claiming foul. PS4 can stand proud without resorting to a lame win like this.
Posted 10:35 on 08 April 2014
bobbetybob's Avatar


I find this amusing because it's basically them admitting, "yeah, we didn't put any effort into the PC port." The only way a PC version can look worse is when they use different engines (like EA's sports games) or if they were intentionally using lower quality assets (which makes no sense).
Posted 08:55 on 08 April 2014
Tuco's Avatar


Holy crap, these comments.
People can be borderline creepy in their urge to be console groupies.
Posted 23:45 on 07 April 2014
Craigieboy's Avatar

Craigieboy@ RichRomano1

Honestly I think all the gaming fandoms can be a bad as each other when they want to be, but yeah PC elitists can be annoying.
Posted 23:23 on 07 April 2014
RichRomano1's Avatar

RichRomano1@ DragonGuard666

Ha! PC gamers are worse than Xbots -- I would be upset all the time too if I shelled out all that money to play games on some overqualified PC. How lame can you be?
Posted 21:35 on 07 April 2014


It might just be because the developers can guarantee the hardware the games running on. PCs have so many combinations it can be hard to find the middle ground.
Posted 20:56 on 07 April 2014
MariosLoveChild's Avatar


Haha pc users, now your games look crapper and you have to sit in an uncomfortable position!

Joking. But aren't pc users supposed to be a bit more grown up about this sort of stuff?
Posted 20:49 on 07 April 2014
watur123's Avatar


As someone who has a gaming PC and a PS4....I cannot wait for this to burst :)
Posted 20:42 on 07 April 2014
DragonGuard666's Avatar


I take some sadistic pleasure in seeing this, only because of how stuck up some PC gamers can be.
Posted 20:24 on 07 April 2014
jordan66651's Avatar


the fanboys are slowly coming
Posted 20:23 on 07 April 2014
Craigieboy's Avatar


The quiet before the storm...
Posted 19:52 on 07 April 2014
Project12's Avatar


*my hand grabs some of your popcorn*
Posted 19:08 on 07 April 2014

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