far cry prima stone ps4 -
far cry prima stone ps4 -

Ubisoft's marketing team has outdone itself with this Far Cry Primal Stone Age PlayStation 4, DualShock 4 controllers, TV and even some pizza.

Accredited master carver and stone mason Nick Roberson was commissioned to replicate the items.

"This project was undertaken to highlight the vast landscape and rich setting of the Stone Age era in Far Cry Primal," commented Tom Goldberger, Senior PR Manager at Ubisoft. "Nick has managed to immortalize, in stone, the beautiful, elegant designs of these iconic items with unbelievable accuracy."

You can see the PS4 and DualShock 4 controllers being created in the video below.

Far Cry Primal will launch February 23 on PS4 and Xbox On, arriving for PC on March 1.

Source: Ubisoft

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