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DriveClub's game director Col Rodgers has left Evolution Studios, can reveal.

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Rodgers left the studio in February to form indie startup Big Red Switch Games, a development studio that he says is working on "some cool game concepts".

Rodgers also confirmed to VideoGamer that his departure is not connected to today's wave of layoffs, which saw redundancies at Evolution, Guerrilla Cambridge and Sony London Studios.

His decision to leave was purely for personal reasons and he remains on good terms with Sony. DriveClub will continue development at Evolution without him.

However, with Rodgers out it isn't yet clear who will be leading development on Evolution's delayed PS4 racer in his place.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Sony had previously taken DriveClub "back to the drawing board", although the game is still technically due to launch in early 2014.

Sony claims that the development of DriveClub "will not be affected" by today's layoffs.

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ert3's Avatar


I would be more concerned if this wasn't already such an internal part of sony (unlike say polyphony which has more autonomy) which means 90% of its decisions are probably made by the sony command chain proper.

Here is hoping the experiences he had working for sony means he can grace us with worth while products in the third party market, or atleast let us scream at the next trash brought to us by the guys who worked on motor storm.
Posted 10:26 on 26 March 2014
Karlius's Avatar


This is the third high profile developer that has announced they have left Sony in as many weeks. After Stig Asmusson and Jaime Griesemer. Don't castrate me if I'm wrong but I'm sure I also read that Seth Killian had been released yesterday?

Maybe a new direction and new drive for the Playstation brand.
Posted 09:24 on 26 March 2014
mikeslemonade's Avatar


Management and Visionary positions are overated. It's not like the engineers who do the grunt works are completely cluesless with administrative tasks. An engineer can market, code, think, innovate, administrate, finance etc.

This is nothing new. Go to Wiki and you will see a long list of canceled PS3 games that includes the Agency, Getaway, and Eight Days.
Posted 08:57 on 26 March 2014

pblive@ Bretty

I think that's exactly what happened, it's clear they didn't like where Driveclub was heading, but they've allowed him to save face at the same time. Taking the game back to the drawing board must be costing Sony a fair bit.
Posted 07:38 on 26 March 2014
Bretty's Avatar



Seems to me that Sony must've not been happy at all by the way the game was going. It's rare you let a director walk before completion of a project unless you either A) Want someone else in charge or B) Don't care any more.
Posted 07:33 on 26 March 2014
alphafour's Avatar


By the time this game actually comes out nobody will care anymore.
Posted 23:53 on 25 March 2014
TheMightyPedro's Avatar


Best of luck to this guy and anyone else who got laid off at any SCEE studios today.
Posted 23:17 on 25 March 2014

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