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Multiple Sony studios have been hit by layoffs this morning, SCEE has confirmed to

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UK studios Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge and SCE London Studio have each been affected, and while total numbers have yet to be confirmed, understands that numerous people from each studio have been made redundant.

"Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive business can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects," a Sony spokesperson told us this morning.

"As part of this process, we have reviewed and assessed all current projects and have decided to make some changes to some of our European Studios. As a result of this, there will be a focused restructure within London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge Studio and Evolution Studio to ensure that the SCE WWS is in the best position to achieve their goals going forward.

"Our first party development studios are key to our creative strategy and we are very excited about the future projects being worked on."

Evolution Studios is currently developing much-delayed PS4 racer DriveClub, with Guerrilla Cambridge having wrapped up work on Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary last year. SCE London Studio, meanwhile, completed work on PS4 freebie The Playroom last year and is rumoured to have been working on an unannounced PS4 title.

Sony adds that the "development of Driveclub will not be affected" by today's news.

The layoffs follow a wave of redundancies at Sony Santa Monica last month after the studio's unannounced new IP was cancelled.

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User Comments

Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Endless

Agree the key is in the byline "SCEE confirms restructuring across UK studios"

This means that this is something that SCEE are changing. A restructure with post redundancies means that this isn't the normal contract ending job losses. This is something that SCEE are doing to streamline their outgoings and maximise profit.
Posted 13:23 on 25 March 2014
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ skidoosh

I would normally agree with you, but being made redundant isnt the same as your contract ending. Unless it's just a poor choice of words the only reason you make people redundant is if you're struggling, or you take on a surplus to rush something to production, then only keep the best. Kinda like seasonal work.
Posted 13:13 on 25 March 2014


Why do people get shocked by this? All it'll be is artists being laid off because all of these studios have finished the current projects. It's no barometer to how Sony as an entity is doing, it's just the industry.

Studios closing is bad news, not layoffs due to end of contract terms.
Posted 12:16 on 25 March 2014
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ essex1212

Or a more recently a push on 3DTV that almost crippled the company.
Posted 11:17 on 25 March 2014
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ Ecosse

I bet money it will end up like that robot dog lol
Posted 11:14 on 25 March 2014
Ecosse's Avatar

Ecosse@ essex1212

Plenty people will buy it if the price is right.
Posted 11:13 on 25 March 2014
essex1212's Avatar


Winds me up when this happens and they waste money on R&D on a silly headset no one is gonna buy.
Posted 11:08 on 25 March 2014


Unfortunately, it seems to be hitting almost every company in the world at the moment. They have to look at maximising profit while reducing costs.
Posted 11:03 on 25 March 2014

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