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Starhawk screenshot
Starhawk screenshot

Starhawk developer Lightbox Interactive is to lay-off 24 employees on Friday, studio president Dylan Jobe confirmed to Game Informer. The studio is to move away from traditional console development, choosing to self-fund an iOS title.

Jobe revealed that he wanted to make sure those affected knew with enough time to prepare portfolios before leaving, and all departing staff will receive a severance package.

"I am not shutting down LightBox Interactive but I did pre-emptively inform my staff that there were going to be lay-offs on Friday - 24 people to be exact," said Jobe in a statement.

"Too often in our industry, people are "let-go" with no warning, no severance, no time at all to prepare their portfolios. It's actually quite terrible. That's NOT how we run things here at LightBox Interactive. The whole reason for me informing my team of lay-offs before they happen is so they have time to prepare. Collect stuff for their portfolios, capture screen shots or video - the stuff that helps people land on their feet. All 24 employees were also given a severance package."

There is a slight silver lining for fans of Starhawk, with Sony confirming that its Santa Monica studio will continue to support the game.

Starhawk recently hit the PlayStation Store, with the single-player component of the game being giving away to PlayStaion Plus members.

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