Dark Souls 2 screenshot
Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Namco Bandai has opened registration for next month's Dark Souls 2 PlayStation 3 beta.

The beta offers players the chance to take an early look at FromSoftware's rock-hard action-RPG and "contribute to the game's optimisation by providing valuable feedback".

To sign up, either head through here or download the Dark Souls 2 Beta Registration Ticket directly from PlayStation Store, found in the Games section under Latest Releases.

The first beta phase gets underway on October 12 with a second wave starting on October 27. It isn't yet known whether the beta will come to other platforms besides PS3.

Dark Souls 2 releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in March 2014.

Source: blog.eu.playstation.com

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Freekill's Avatar


At least you guys decided to put a link to the beta sign-up. 3 other news sites reported this story and not one of them linked the site lol
Posted 23:33 on 05 September 2013
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Slender_Man_co@ _gamer

Burns wrote a nuanced article about why he likes the launch line up for Xbox One. If you knew anything about him as a games journalist you would know he is his own man on that front.

I would respectfully disagree with your assertions.
Posted 21:52 on 05 September 2013
_gamer's Avatar


I've been visiting Videogamer for years now, and get a lot of news there - and have respected the site - even after the whole Dead Space 3 fiasco - which I think they were right on....

But I've noticed a worrying trend on Videogamer. The site has become pro Xbox with the advent of Xbox One, and have been less kind to PS4.

They never even did post the PS4 VR rumor that's been circulating the web.... But have posted all sorts of positive Xbox One news.... and opinion pieces, the recent one being about Microsoft's console having the best launch lineup in history..

It's a worrying trend, and I feel offended by the sudden change in direction... And I don't think I'm the only one.

Come back on track, guys, I'm not sure if MS paid you cash or anything, but it's becoming clearer and clearer that you guys are a favoring Xbox One... And I don't know why...

Let's do some fair journalism, or your site won't be as respected as it is..

And I say this as a big fan of Videogamer. I'm here literally everyday.
Posted 15:22 on 05 September 2013

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