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If you've had quite enough of your blockbuster Call of Honours and your World of Duty's, you might want to give the blossoming indie scene a try - it's full of some of the most inventive and entertaining games doing the rounds at the moment. If you've ever, ever, ever criticised games for being samey and repetitive then you are now contractually obligated to play at least four titles from the following list:


SpaceChem is a drug for puzzle fans. The idea is to create a circuit to guide elements from a spawning point to their destination, but with about a zillion other things to consider at any one time it's much more difficult. The puzzles are absolutely devious, too, and actually getting to the end of the game is almost a Herculean feat, but the satisfaction derived from finishing each individual circuit is virtually unmatched. We love it.

Killing Floor

Dismissed by some as a weak Left 4 Dead clone, Killing Floor is actually more like Left 4 Dead mixed with a wave-based survival mode and a levelling mechanic. It's bold, rough, and silly, but there's hours of fun to be had. Don't expect it to pop up in any 'are games art?' features, but if you're looking to blast away hordes of monsters with a few mates then you should get stuck in.

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User Comments

TomPearson's Avatar


is torchlight considered indie? I knew a ton of people who played it. pretty much all the games on this list are superb.

My additions would be the BIT.TRIP series such as RUNNER and BEAT now making their way from WiiWare to the PC.
Posted 09:20 on 11 August 2011
dudester's Avatar


I think everyone should get killing floor and get everyone on one of the 30 person servers ;)
Posted 17:20 on 11 July 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


SpaceChem is doing a great job of making me wince at the start of every new level. WHILST I AM STILL TECHNICALLY IN THE TUTORIAL!

Everyone should buy it, it's brilliant.
Posted 15:56 on 11 July 2011
dudester's Avatar


:( my reply disappeared I posted earlier about killing floor.
Posted 15:08 on 11 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Geraface

Emily, have you played any of the earlier Exosyphen Studio hacking-based games? Blue Sky, Digital Hazard, 2012, et al? Although the mechanics are very similar, the story and interfaces are very different.

Street Hacker is a completely different beast altogether - including prchasing weapons phreak boxes, and building infiltration - very much in the style of the film Hackers.

Speaking of which, I never got a chance to try High School Hacker, but it is supposed to simulate another part of that film - heard good things about it.
Posted 13:39 on 11 July 2011
Geraface's Avatar

Geraface@ Clockpunk

I'll second that, Hacker Evolution is amazing.
Posted 13:02 on 11 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


I agree with Super Meat Boy! Fantastic game, but damn right punishing as well.
Posted 12:54 on 11 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Hacker Evolution: Untold is an indie gem. Similar to Uplink, but with less gimick and more actual coding required.

Of course, Street Hacker is well worth a look-see, if you are interested in older indie games... ;)
Posted 12:17 on 11 July 2011
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ renegade

Yea, those two are pretty dang good. I'm contemplating getting the Gold Ship for Beat Hazard before the sale ends.
Posted 12:12 on 11 July 2011


My two additions would be Audio Surf and Beat Hazard
Posted 12:08 on 11 July 2011

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