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Star Trek Online screenshot
Star Trek Online screenshot

Star Trek Online, the hotly anticipated MMO from Cryptic, will be beaming down to PCs next week. To celebrate, we caught up with executive producer Craig Zinkievich to have a chat about the reaction to the game from beta players, and what updates fans can expect post launch.

Q: Thanks for taking the time during this busy period to answer some of our questions. Firstly, have you been surprised by any of the closed beta feedback, or has it all been predictable?

Craig Zinkievich: Sure no problem. A lot of the feedback is things we’ve already talked about, but we’re still getting some surprises. For instance, the sheer number of people playing blew us - and our predictions – away. It seems like everyone wants to play the game right now. This is great! It’s also scary! We’ve had to purchase more server hardware to keep up with demand.

Q: Will you be making any changes to the game based on closed beta feedback?

CZ: We’re definitely getting ahead on some bugs that players have reported, as well as looking at ways to improve the game from a quality of life standpoint. And of course, we’re continually balancing the game based on user feedback.

Q: There appear to be some concerns among the community surrounding lag. What assurances can you offer to fans with regard to the finished game experience?

CZ: Well, part of the lag is due to the load on the servers, which like I said before surprised us a bit. But we’ve got more hardware on the way, which should alleviate a lot of the lag, as well as let more people into the game.

Star Trek Online screenshot

Q: Our impression of STO is that it's a slow burn, albeit one that quickly gets under your skin. Is the pace of the game in terms of combat, progression and the gaining of new skills deliberate?

CZ: Well, part of that deliberateness is the fact you’re advancing through a Starfleet or KDF career. It takes time to advance through ranks, even though you can get through grades pretty quickly. As far as combat is concerned, we definitely wanted it to feel like you had decisions to make in regard to how you deal with opponents, which means things won’t be resolved in just one volley of weapons (usually). Part of why it feels deliberate is you’re actually thinking your way through a situation, rather than just mashing buttons and hoping for the best.

Q: Our take is that STO's space exploration and instance-led mission to mission structure lends it a more linear feeling than other MMOs we've played. Is that a problem, or is that something you're happy with?

CZ: We’re not trying to be like all other MMOs out there. The instance-led missions are something we wanted because it makes it feels more Trek. You can team up with friends or you can solo if you want to. We have fleet battles for when there are supposed to be many people in one map, but it wouldn’t feel very Trek if you were fighting a Klingon and 200 people were also trying to do the same thing with you. Often in the movies and the TV series they were out there by themselves. Now obviously this is an MMO so we want people to feel connected but not all in the same place at the same time.

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Good graphics and game play BUT I wish there was a real voice over speaking characters instead of just a plain typed message.
Posted 23:15 on 20 March 2010

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