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A fantasy online real-time strategy game where you assemble your own army with collectible trading cards. Score:


Our Verdict: It's an experiment that was definitely worth the effort, and lessons will be learned, but as a game there are fundamental flaws too pertinent to ignore.

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BattleForge is first DX11 title

Makes use of features including high definition ambient occlusion.

Publish date Oct 6 2009

BattleForge expands with new card set

Renegade Edition set to be released on August 25.

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Standing up for Shift

EA Games Europe boss Patrick Soderlund talks Mirror's Edge, Battlefield and NFS.

Publish date Jun 12 2009

BattleForge now free to play

Download and start playing the card-based battler at no cost.

Publish date May 26 2009

Two new maps for BattleForge

Represents the beginning of the Renegade Campaign.

Publish date May 8 2009

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A look ahead to Friday's new releases.

6 Publish date Mar 24 2009

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BattleForge Review in Article Comments

dice's Avatar

Good review! personally I like this game allot. I have been playing it since Closed Beta and find the community very friendly as well. Though you do get some novice people in Multi-player games,...

by dice

Heads-up: What's new this week in Article Comments

thpcplayer's Avatar

thanks who is the reviewer you or tom or anyone else dont bother replying to it just 1 hour and a half no matter

The Big Issue: PC Gaming isn't dead, it's just changing in Article Comments

free_willy's Avatar

Console gaming will never equal PC gaming. Different animals. I hate that the industry is run by a few giants and these giants can squash a platform. F off is what I have to say about that.

Game Stats

Release Date: 01/03/2008
Developer: Phenomic
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Real-time strategy
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 2,426
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