xbox one hardware11 -
xbox one hardware11 -

Microsoft plans to continue rolling out monthly system updates for Xbox One throughout 2015 following a short break over the Christmas period, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed.

"We usually don't do big updates in December," Spencer said on the latest Major Nelson podcast. "It's usually at a time a bunch of people are going to be turning on consoles for the first time, playing new games for the first time. In fact, traditionally November/December's been a time that we've stayed away from.

"We've announced a November update. December I expect to be a time that we're just going to make sure people are turning on consoles and the games are playing well and everything's working great. That's job number one for us.

"As we roll into 2015 we definitely have a road map for monthly updates,” he continued. “When they'll start up again we'll watch. We're kinda working through the schedules on those things now but it's a commitment that we have as a platform team that we'll continue monthly updates."

Microsoft has rolled out major updates and new features for Xbox One each month since the console's launch last November, introducing a new Friends tab, support for external storage and 3D Blu-ray playback amongst others.

This month's update is set to introduce custom backgrounds, a new What's On tab and enhanced profile customisation.


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Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ pblive

Good point well made you've convinced me.

Got my Background ready for this months update :)
Posted 09:40 on 04 November 2014

pblive@ Karlius

I expect because updates all come with some level of risk that they'll break something else, plus the staff won't be around the whole month to check this or make changes.

So, yes, you're right, there will be updates to do for new owners but they've all been tried and tested.

That's my guess, anyway.
Posted 09:15 on 04 November 2014
Karlius's Avatar


Surely the people who receive their consoles on Christmas Day will still have to update to the latest firmware/OS so what is the difference in an OS update in December.

Unless all consoles shipped from this point on will have the November update pre-installed.
Posted 09:13 on 04 November 2014
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