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The rechargeable battery pack included in the official Xbox One Play & Charge Kit "lasts about 30 hours" on a three-hour charge, Microsoft has revealed.

The figure means that the Xbox One battery pack offers 20 per cent more playing time than the Xbox 360 equivalent, which offers up to 25 hours on a single charge.

The Play & Charge Kit is expected to cost £19.99 when the console goes on sale this November.

But should you choose to stick with disposable AA batteries, you may get an even greater play time than using the official rechargeable pack, CVG claims.

AA batteries on an Xbox One controller "will usually last about 40 hours," the site states.

Improvements to the Xbox One's controller were discussed in a new video released by Microsoft earlier today. Alongside enhancements to the controller's design, general manager of Xbox Accessories Group Zulfi Alam also discussed the controller's reduced input lag, making it 20 per cent faster than the current Xbox 360 wireless controller.


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joshuaplayer's Avatar


i disagree i like the plug and play also u can use normal rechargeable batteries , if there built in and the batteries die say goodbye to controller, stuff playstation this is microsoft fans , and i represent there choice on controller
Posted 13:39 on 10 July 2015
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ tvr77

A pad should be built to last I agree. I used my original 360 white pad right up to the point where I got the gears controller with gears console. The only reason I swapped then was the improved d-pad. The only degradation the pad showed was the nipples on the analogue sticks being worn away. Did also look a little grubby in the joins but a fold of card and alcohol wipe and it cleaned right up. Unlike the original consoles the controllers were superb and still are.

My biggest gripe with play and charge on both consoles was the trickle charge never stopping if you left the things plugged in something I believe has been fixed for this gen.
Posted 16:11 on 19 August 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Karlius

"The degradation of batteries is part of life. If a battery is inbuilt it will mean replacing the console at some point"

In my experience the controller itself gives out before the battery does or it a least becomes less responsive and agile etc. So a nice brand new crispy controller goes down a treat. With that in mind though i do hope these next gen pads last a lot longer with them being so pricey.
Posted 17:29 on 16 August 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ Batmamerc

Couldn't disagree more. The degradation of batteries is part of life. If a battery is inbuilt it will mean replacing the controller at some point during the lifespan of the console for most or hacking it apart for us technically savvy and changing it out which I can confirm isn't that difficult but still a pain and runs the risk of ruining your pad. Done about 10-15 of these replacements for women in work and friends and it's an annoyance.

AA batteries are the best option for any device of this nature simply because they are cheap and easy to replace.

I would go as far as saying I will not be buying a play and charge kit but a couple of sets of good rechargeable AA's with a quick charger. Even the battery packs supplied by MS for 360 had about an 18 month life cycle but most of the third party packs were atrocious. I'm glad I still have the AA option and very glad that these are easy to change out. Only reason I'd get a play and charge kit is because the new pads use the cable as if it was wired device.

You always get batteries with your MS controllers.
Posted 13:13 on 14 August 2013
tvr77's Avatar


They should add a battery pack with every controller and sell replacements for when they are needed. Using AA batteries just seems like some cheap stone age set up.
Posted 12:18 on 14 August 2013
Batmamerc's Avatar


I still can't believe they are requiring batteries, they are the worst thing about technology always have been, they aren't cheap, they don't last long and you never have any to hand when they run out, rechargeable battery packs are ok but would be better if they were just built in like a PS3 controller, they could at least supply the packs with the console but I bet they don't even supply a pack of AA's either.
Posted 09:57 on 13 August 2013
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ Endless

Pads are a very personal preference imo, can you really declare a winner without having tried both?

For instance, take clockpunk's weight comment. Whilst I prefer the 360 pad, I actually prefer the weight of the PS3 pad. Analogue stick position has always been better on the 360 apparently but I've never had an issue jumping between both pads and actually have no favourite in that sense.
Posted 08:56 on 13 August 2013
Soundwave61's Avatar


The rechargeable pack/batteries should be under a cover that is screwed in place. Several of my Xbox controls have issues with the pack coming loose so any slight jolt of the control turns the damn thing off. Frustrating during online games ><
Posted 00:21 on 13 August 2013
Endless's Avatar


Giving us the choice also means I could theoretically just keep the recharchable batteries I have and put them in the new pad.

It's also worth noting that the pad supports ANY mini-usb cable to turn it into a wired pad, not just the one that comes with the play and charge kit.

I'll be interested to see what Sony comes up with in their game of one-up-manship this time. Because frankly as far as pads goes I think the Xbox One pad has it sewn up.
Posted 23:34 on 12 August 2013
Project12's Avatar

Project12@ b23cdq

How long do you play games straight? 40? 50 hours? I think is plenty of time, when I am done playing I put my controller back on charge so the next time I use it it will be ready and also who plays games for more that 10 hours straight maybe 6 or 7 yeah but c'mon this controller wil last up to 3 days (not constantly on for 3 days) without going flat maybe more.

Posted 21:05 on 12 August 2013
b23cdq's Avatar


Just 30? That's not much.
Posted 20:34 on 12 August 2013
JohnPombrio's Avatar

JohnPombrio@ tvr77

To ask a battery pack to last a few years of charging and discharging is asking a lot of it. Apple has gotten tons of grief over making the battery pack inaccessible and charging through the nose for replacing it. No, removable battery packs should be required for all electronic devices, if only for recycling.
Posted 19:45 on 12 August 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ tvr77

The battery pack adds a very nice weight to the controller - the dualshock feels like a toy without such, IMO.
Posted 19:22 on 12 August 2013
Dark_Era's Avatar

Dark_Era@ tvr77

That's the million dollar question.

But apparently they decided to go with the charge and play because they wanted to give the consumer the choice of what battery type they use.
Posted 18:03 on 12 August 2013
tvr77's Avatar


"The rechargeable battery pack included in the official Xbox One Play & Charge Kit "lasts about 30 hours" on a three-hour charge, Microsoft has revealed."

That's really great and all that but why even bother with play n charge kits? Why couldnt it have just been made as an all in one controller like Playstation pads, it just seems so much simpler.
Posted 17:49 on 12 August 2013
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