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Battlefield 3 developer Gustav Halling has echoed the opinion of Metro developer 4A Games, stating he believes the Wii U's slow CPU will dramatically shorten the system's life.

Linking to a report on 4A Games' comments, Halling Tweeted: "This is also what I been hearing within the industry, to bad since it will shorten its life a lot when new gen starts."

He added: "GPU and ram is nice to have shaders/textures loaded. Physics and gameplay run on CPU mostly so player count is affected etc."

He admitted that he has no firsthand knowledge of what makes the CPU slow, but says "enough "tech" people I trust in world are saying the same things".

It's not all doom and gloom. Halling concluded: "[Wii U] should be a great fun platform if you are a Nintendo fan the coming years and the memory and GPU part looks good!"

Wii U launches in the UK on November 30.

Source: @gustavhalling

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Doesn't matter how powerful a system is - that has never really mattered in the console world. Not really. Look at the Gameboy, Dreamcast, Wii, PS2, Xbox360...

Besides its Nintendo. They're kinda like Apple, and can release an empty box and people will still queue to buy them.

I'm not a big fan of Nintendo to be honest, despite having grown up with the NES and their various franchaises, but I have to say I really do appreciate the fact that the majority of the games released on their platforms are still pretty unique, and are not filled with the generic multiplatform titles that we're used to seeing nowadays.
Posted 13:25 on 22 November 2012
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FantasyMeister@ bunnyking

Originally Posted by bunnyking
When are the next gen consoles coming out?

Best guess? Within the next 10-12 months.
Posted 23:47 on 21 November 2012
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Is it's CPU better than the XBOX 360's? Because that system was obviously underpowered compared to a PS3 but it did pretty good. If Nintendo can pump out current gen graphics or perhaps something a little nicer than XBOX 360, I am not going to be disappointed. When are the next gen consoles coming out?
Posted 23:44 on 21 November 2012
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Perhaps the CPU will shorten the consoles third-party support. But, I'm sure Nintendo know what their doing.
Posted 21:33 on 21 November 2012
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It's called the underdog strategy. Nintendo have been using it for ages on all their handhelds and have started to apply it to their consoles as well. It basically goes like this:

Nintendo makes new hardware that is somewhat technologically inferior, but has one major/ unique selling point. Lots of devs and haters go "trololol Nintendo so stupidz, they going to do badly this time!". Nintendo console sells decently at firsts but nothing special. Then there is a turning point or event which makes their hardware sell bucket loads. Devs then say "WTF didn't see that coming!" And then try aboard the sales train (varying results). Nintendo releases great new games for the console and everyone suddenly pretends that they knew exactly what was going to happen all along. Console sales dwindle. Rinse and repeat.
Posted 17:14 on 21 November 2012
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we all know its gonna be a huge success so why keep putting downers on it
Posted 16:47 on 21 November 2012
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