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Valve isn't the closest of friends with the PlayStation 3. While a version of its Orange Box collection did make it onto PS3, it only did so via an EA development studio and wasn't handled in-house at Valve. Then came Left 4 Dead and this year's Left 4 Dead 2 which completely ignored the PS3.

But what of the future for Valve and the PS3? According to recent comments by Valve boss Gabe Newell the situation doesn't look likely to change.

In the latest episode of G4TV, host Geoff Keighley asked Newell: "Are you guys working on PlayStation 3 here now, trying to understand it, trying to get better at it?"

To which he replied: "Uh, no. not in any real way."

It looks like PS3 gamers hoping for support from Valve, perhaps even a port of Left 4 Dead, are out of luck.

Via Kotaku

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Posted 16:51 on 14 August 2009

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I disagree Farreg. Purely and utterly slack. In today's age gamers should be able to expect the best of the best be available on the leading consoles/systems (namely xbox, PS3 & PC in the current gen). I for one would feel very hard done by if as an xbox owner, I was unable to purchase a game like Call of Duty assuming it was only available on PS3 & PC. In the end, devs have the ability to port the games so when budgets/ profits etc. are considered for release, the devs should be doing more to ensure they accommodate the whole market.

This applies with obvious exceptions such as Wii games and even PSP games......
Posted 13:04 on 24 August 2009
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I get sick of people demanding developers release games for all formats.

If you want a game, instead of expecting someone else to shell out money to develop it, how about you do it yourself and buy the console to go with the game you want? We'd have a bucketload less console fan boys debating over the quality/speed of games justifying their purchase.

But unfortunately there are budget constraints for everyone, and noone could be bothered working just that little bit harder for the money for a 2nd (or more) gaming platform, it's much better to expect game developers to work harder.

Valve are a good example of a company saying "I can't be bothered" and I support them. XNA is so similar to C++ it's not funny, so programming for 360 is a no-brainer if they can get the control scheme right, but too much effort to port to PS3's architecture.
Posted 09:48 on 24 August 2009
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asapco@ Karlius

It's not working for us ps3 owners.
Posted 16:37 on 19 August 2009
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o thanks rogue i saw the game informer article and that post kinda confused me.
Posted 21:46 on 16 August 2009
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Originally Posted by RAGE_OF_THORN
The devs say it will only be PS3. Have you see the trailers for it? Another system exclusive title for PS3 thats amazing. They couldnt port the title to 360 due to room problems on the disks and processing problems.

RAGE is still multiplatform. I think someone is telling a few porkies.
Posted 20:43 on 16 August 2009
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i thought it said in game informer that it was multiplatform.
Posted 18:41 on 16 August 2009
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Then they better update the website, because it still lists Rage for the 360. Of course this is also news to me, I hadn't heard about the 360 version being dropped.
Posted 17:20 on 16 August 2009
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The cross platform games are getting quite close to parity these days, especially compared to about 18 months ago when the differences were very noticable.
Posted 10:09 on 16 August 2009


If you have noticed, most multi-platform games end up being poop on PS3. I love the system, especially the first party titles. Really Sony should put more into their own dev teams, and stop paying others to make shoty ports of PC & XBOX friendly titles. A diffrent machine requires a diffrent approach. PS3 is a diffrent bag of trix set solely for Sony studios. Both consoles are beasts, just diffrent types of beasts. The upcoming title from ID called RAGE is a diffrent story though. The devs say it will only be PS3. Have you see the trailers for it? Another system exclusive title for PS3 thats amazing. They couldnt port the title to 360 due to room problems on the disks and processing problems. It will be on PC also, but easier access for us console fans. The future for Sony will eventually get better. I love both consoles.
Posted 08:14 on 16 August 2009
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all i got to say is that if valve had the manpower (which it clearly doesn't) to do their research into how ps3 games are designed then they will obviously be a bit more richer in their wallets right now! but then again all the 'hostility' they've been showing towards sony's system clearly shows that they have officially abandoned all support for the ps3! o well looks like its back to playing valves game THE WAY ITS MEANT TO BE PLAYED... pc!!
Posted 22:05 on 15 August 2009
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Personally, I think the reason Valve is not going to consoles is because they can't control the downloads, pricing, and everything else like they can with steam.

We have all heard the stories about an Indie dev making a game for the 360 and wanting it to be a certain price and then MS telling them it has gotta be this or you will not post here.

I hate steam and so do a lot of other ppl. I don't see MS or Sony caving anytime soon just to get a Valve game on there :D
Posted 20:27 on 15 August 2009
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As far as i'm concerened, valve hasn't released a game on that console. It's crap that valve are pc based, yes they started on the pc but are supporting the xbox. Wether or
not it has simlair structure to pc, it's still a console. Valve hasn't actually said try don't like the PS3, just not keen.

Valve are great game developers and if they can make halflife series they can do anything if they put there mind to
it. They do need a kick in their ass to give the ps3 a go.

I expect Valve to try Ps3 next year, if i don't then I've lost some respect towards them. I'm major fan of Valves work, but I thought they could have
more of a positive attitude towards new oppurtunitys.
Posted 17:20 on 15 August 2009
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well i know im a little late to the descusion but i cant disagre with Karilus lots of developers have said that the PS3 is hard to port for, however im sure if valve made L4D/L4D2 on the PS3 it would sell great, maby when the slim comes out and PS3's start to get eatin up vale will reconsider.
Posted 00:19 on 15 August 2009
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Oh, forgot to mention. If you have a house full of 7 years olds or want to play games as a family, get a Wii.
Posted 23:45 on 14 August 2009
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kamoflage@ Karlius

Karlius is correct and the difficulties in getting a multi format game to work on the PS3 are well documented by developers. However, to carry on from K's post it is not impossible and in the vast majority of cases the PS3 version is just as good but it takes additional resources (read money) and a much larger development team. As per my previous post Valve have just made a commercial decision not to incur these additional development costs as the PS3 sales of their games does not warrant it. I assume that they were less than impressed with Orange Box sales for the PS3 otherwise I feel sure that they would have continued developing for the platform. Furthermore if PS3 hardware sales in North America and Europe increase sufficiently I am certain they will re-consider.

Valve, like every other commercial organisation, has the main aim of producing a profit. Games cost millions to develop and so they are less and less likely to take a gamble on a platform that their research and experience shows is of greater cost and risks lower sales. They don't give a sh!t about fanboys, they just want to maximise sales profitably.

I'm no fan boy. Personally I have found that the only way to get all the best titles is to have both consoles as both machines have their limitations and exclusives. I realise that this is not an option for most but there is little point in squabbling over which console is best. Take it from they are both great machines with fantastic games...MS have the best online structure (even if you do pay for it) and the PS3 is one of the best Blu-ray players available.

Prospective console buyers out there reading these back biting posts are probably completely bemused. If you are looking to get a console in the next few months you really can't go wrong with either machine. Sure the PS3 is more expensive but the inclusion of a Blu-ray player more than compensates. Yes, the 360 has a history of poor QC but in my experience the RROD was fixed promptly and my machine works better and quieter than ever. I am also told that new machines are much better built and don't suffer from the same issue.

For me, I would ideally like a single machine that plays Blu-ray, Uncharted 2 and Forza 3, but until then I'll make do with two boxes under my flat screen!
Posted 23:44 on 14 August 2009
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