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Square Enix has let the cat out of the bag for Heroes of Ruin, an upcoming 3DS game, by leaking a piece of artwork on Facebook ahead of the game's official reveal.

The artwork shows four characters, ranging from a female elf to a cat-man. The artwork suggests a mix of sci-fi and fantasy – characters are wearing armour and using guns.

Can we expect a co-op dungeon crawler, perhaps? We've asked Square Enix for clarification.

The company previously filed the trademark for Heroes of Ruin back in April.

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Shame. I was excited by the title at first, since the end is missed off when seen from the forums. I thought it might have been "Square Enix announces He-man and the masters of the universe"
Posted 18:14 on 27 May 2011
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Posted 18:08 on 27 May 2011
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