It's been barely a week since Nintendo unveiled its 3D successor to the DS, and now Sony has hit back with a shock revelation of its own: a next-generation PSP, featuring previously-unseen "No Screen" display technology.

Rather than relying upon a liquid crystal screen, the PSP iMag.iNation creates a wireless connection with the cerebral cortex of its user, projecting raw gameplay directly into the mind via telecommunicative radiation. Once an uplink has been established, users will be able to fully tailor their gaming experience using the power of thought (subject to availability).

"While our rivals tinker with fads from the 1950s, we are looking to the future," sang Hiroshi Gwinkman, vice under-president of Sony Cerebral Entertainment. "The PSP iMag.iNation will be capable of display resolutions of 9720p and higher, and frame rates as fast as the mental capacity of its owner. It's, like, way better than Blu-ray."

The iMag.iNation will also be "a cinch" to develop for, and will be capable of transmitting new releases to US and Japanese users as soon as they've been announced – although European gamers will typically have to wait two months.

Planned launch titles include Shenmue 3, a new Killer Instinct title and Duke Nukem Forever. The new device will also be 100 per cent backwards compatible with any game you've ever played or read about in a magazine, and will not require any form of batteries. The unit will go on sale next year at an eye-watering RRP of £49,999.99. A cheaper wired version will also be available, although Gwinkman admitted that this will likely require some form of minor surgery.

"Our revolutionary No Screen technology will finally allow gamers to do everything," he proclaimed. "You'll be able to play anything, anywhere, at any time – except on March 1st in certain years."

While the iMag.iNation lacks any form of screen, it does feature a traditional D-Pad and three thumbsticks – the third being located in the upper centre of the unit.

"People kept asking for a second thumbstick, so we figured we'd throw in an extra one just to be sure," Gwinkman explained. "In fact, we may add a few more before next year's launch."

Sony's surprise reveal was telepathically broadcast into the minds of select press members at around 4pm today, Toyko time. Unfortunately this meant that the announcement caught most UK-based writers on their way to work, resulting in several car crashes and at least five fatalities.

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The problem is going to be when they take away support for the frontal lobe 6 months after launch and then the firmware update makes you see everyone as Jak and Daxter...
Posted 10:06 on 01 April 2010

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thematter98's Avatar


wow what has gaming become :( I remember when you picked up a controller and played a video game. I don't want something that can display 648733147p I just want to play games. but it has 3 control sticks (if you look on the top you will see a THIRD control stick) yay. but I'll have to pass.
Posted 20:08 on 22 April 2010
Deoxyslover's Avatar


Might damage your brain cause of the high radiation.
Posted 16:45 on 17 April 2010


Hmm, iMagiNation. That, that spells... Imagination
Posted 16:25 on 02 April 2010
Woffls's Avatar


"You'll be able to play anything, anywhere, at any time – except on March 1st in certain years."

:laugh: quality.
Needs 4 thumbsticks tbh.
Posted 18:57 on 01 April 2010


My favourite part of the article is 'The wired model may require minor surgery' LOL
Posted 17:19 on 01 April 2010
MJTH's Avatar


Lol, can't wait for this to come out, hopefully they don't forget to program the calendar right this time. I don't want to plug in and then be thinking it was two week later, and I had missed school and stuff. ;)
Posted 17:09 on 01 April 2010
Fuzzynutz's Avatar


YEAH RIGHT april fools.Don't play when drunk lol...
Posted 16:47 on 01 April 2010
fps_d0minat0r's Avatar


the point in an aprils fool joke to make someone a 'fool', not get them to read a silly article so they know its fake right from the beginning.
Posted 16:15 on 01 April 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


No second analogue stick then? :p
Posted 15:27 on 01 April 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar


Because it's somehow the same topic, this is hilarious:
Posted 14:51 on 01 April 2010
RyanDevine's Avatar


Downloadable content will cost a mere 5 minute thought lapse
Posted 13:34 on 01 April 2010
Mark_S's Avatar


Rumours are that Shenmue III is one of the launch games... !
Posted 12:36 on 01 April 2010
GlitcH's Avatar


Neon Kelly has teamed up with Sony Japan to produce the PS4.

- You Heard it here first.
Posted 12:30 on 01 April 2010
Machetazo's Avatar


never mind, there's always next year to get better in to the spirit of the day. Remotely feasible, next time, gents, or it's a bit of a waste of time.
Posted 11:54 on 01 April 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar

Roland_D11@ dav2612

Gwinkman said, there will be a second stick, maybe even more later ;-) .
Posted 10:49 on 01 April 2010
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