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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told that this morning's PlayStation Vita price "is for the SCE Japan region only" and it has "nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within [Europe]".

SCE Japan revealed this morning that both PlayStation Vita models would be dropping from 24,980 yen (£174) to 19,980 yen (£139).

The WiFi unit currently retails at around £219.99 in the UK, with the 3G costing slightly more at £229.99.

SCEE has previously told that it "no longer sets an RRP" for its hardware within Europe, with individual retailers instead dictating the price based on cost.

The PlayStation Vita has struggled to maintain momentum following its launch in Europe last February. The firm said it recognised the hardware's "slow penetration" as a "particularly important issue" during its most recent financial outlook.

Could Sony announce a western price cut for Vita at this Wednesday's PlayStation Meeting? Watch this space.

Source: SCEE statement provided to

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I have a vita already but i really hope the price cut comes to europe so hopefully more people will buy it and encourage sony to get more games into it.
Also i cant wait till HOTLINE MIAMI comes out for it later this spring.
Posted 18:18 on 20 February 2013
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Part of me gets the feeling that It's more likely they'll announce a western price cut wednesday (at the PS4 event) if at all. I think this Japan "Playstation direct" conference was done because home consoles in Japan haven't been very popular since the PS2 era. They wouldn't be as interested in a PS4 announcement, as the western market would be.

Sony knows Nintendo is dominating them in the handheld market, especially in a Japan where that market is biggest, so they are trying to competitive there. The PSP was a failure in the west so if a price cut isn't announced tomorrow, it will show they don't have much confidence in the products success outside Japan.
Posted 10:14 on 18 February 2013
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