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PlayStation 4 will not include support for gameplay capture via HDMI at launch, Sony has revealed, just days after the platform holder confirmed that the feature would be included.

Instead, HDMI capture will be patched into the console following its launch. It isn't clear how soon after launch the feature will become available.

Sony announced that it would allow PS4 video capture via HDMI earlier this week, but failed to mention that the feature would not be available at launch.

PlayStation 3 did not allow video capture via HDMI as a result of HDCP – a form of copyright prevention.

PS4 goes on sale in the UK on November 29.

Source: @yosp

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NickTheSwede's Avatar


Not that big of a deal, you can still stream and share videos.
Posted 09:14 on 21 September 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Well, that well and truly screws over the let's play/ YouTube community at launch. At least they express that this is a problem that they are willing to solve.
Posted 06:58 on 21 September 2013


So many things on both consoles seem to be coming 'after launch'. I guess it's the norm for games (patching) so we shouldn't be surprised to see consoles doing the same.
Posted 22:45 on 20 September 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


"Sought-after feature to be implemented in a post-launch patch."

And, knowing Sony, probably rescinded in subsequent firmware updates. :/
Posted 21:26 on 20 September 2013
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