ps4 xbox one111 -
ps4 xbox one111 -

5.1 million PS4 and Xbox One consoles have been sold in the UK, according to specialist retailer GAME.

The figure was revealed in the firm's financial results earlier today, and suggests that PS4 could be outselling the Xbox One by around 1 million units in the UK. Earlier this month, MCV reported that PS4 had passed 3 million UK sales in January which, when combined with today's figures, suggests that up to 2.1 million Xbox Ones may have been sold.

[UPDATE: Following the publication of this story, MCV has reported that actual UK sales could be high as 5.4m, stating that Xbox One may have sold up to 2.4m units.]

The sales of both consoles are "well ahead" of Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same point in their life-cycle, too, GAME says, highlighting 5.1m PS4/Xbox One sales versus 3.5m at the same point in the last generation. The figure means that the current installed-base of PS4 and Xbox One is roughly a third of Xbox 360/PS3's total, which GAME says has sold 14.5m units in the UK.

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Worldwide PS4 sales passed 35.9m units in January, although Xbox One sales have not been officially revealed since November 2014. Earlier this year, figures from EA pinned Xbox One sales at around 19 million.

Source: GAME 2015/16 Half Year Presentation

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I really didn't think the new consoles would sell so well. I'm truly shocked. Also as we all know winning isn't important, making a profit is.
Posted 18:11 on 23 March 2016
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RIP xbox one.
Posted 12:21 on 23 March 2016
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