ps3 final hardware 11 - can exclusively reveal that from January 2009 all newly released PS3 games will be required by Sony to support the console's Trophy system.

Earlier this week received a tip from an anonymous source within the UK video game industry that, from January 2009 onwards, all newly released PS3 titles will be required to support the PS3 Trophy system.

Today a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson confirmed that this information is accurate, stating: "Yes from Jan 09 all games must have trophies."

This news is sure to be met very positively by PS3 gamers who are currently having to put up with sporadic Trophy support from this winter's biggest releases. Mandatory Trophy support will also put an end to post release Trophy patches that force gamers to replay games to earn the Trophies.

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__Pent__'s Avatar


I've been waiting for the new team ICO game (still a lot of waiting left I guess...) and I can't see Ueda putting some useless trophies in it. If they force them to put trophies in that game it would ruin the experience. Sony needs to stop STEALING IDEAS FROM EVERYONE, and hire some competent people who can COME UP WITH ORIGINAL IDEAS that don't suck.
Posted 14:18 on 19 February 2009
Jimmy's Avatar
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They are forcing developers to include a useless stupid feature to be closer to x-Box?

Force better releases and higher resolutions
Posted 18:57 on 08 December 2008
B's Avatar
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@ mMe, El-Dev is referring to the original post by Ego Boost with his 1080p comments.
Posted 22:09 on 21 November 2008
BlahBlah's Avatar
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El-Dev... all titles do NOT run at 1080p minimum on the PS3. I'd like to see you get R:FoM or Motorstorm to display in 1080p....
Posted 16:47 on 21 November 2008
Bonebardier's Avatar
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Erm, WipeoutHD?
Posted 13:22 on 21 November 2008
mMe's Avatar
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What the f**k has your comment go to do with trophies El-Dev you muppet. Some people like trophies so its good for them but you waffle on about 1080p and 720p that has sweet FA to do with trophies. Jog along now and come back when you actually know what trophies are and have something relevant to say.
Posted 12:11 on 21 November 2008
Daniel's Avatar
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what? so this is their try-hard attempt at microsoft's "achievements" system, jesus christ and the ps3 fanboy's think we're unoriginal
Posted 09:30 on 21 November 2008
El-Dev's Avatar


Trophies are pointless.

And Ego Boost, sweet **** all titles run at 1080p as a minimum on either console, most are upscaled to 720p as they don't even run natively at that.
Posted 00:17 on 21 November 2008


Good news. Still nice to see some companies willing to patch their older games to accept trophies as well (Burnout, Uncharted etc).
Posted 21:34 on 20 November 2008
Wido's Avatar


Thank God Sony has seen the light with the trophies, as I for one love the achievements from the 360 and I like the trophies from the PS3. It also made me think that Sony making this feature like this and didn't bother with it, and now my question has been answered that Sony are fully backing it and hopefully every new game of next year supports trophies.

Kudos FTW!
Posted 19:52 on 20 November 2008
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This is old and yes has been confirmed by developers many, many times.
Posted 19:08 on 20 November 2008
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It'd be great if they required devs to use have custom tracks in their games- If they can force trophies, I'm sure they can force custom tracks. It can't be very hard to throw custom tracks into a game.
Posted 18:41 on 20 November 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar


It's great news, I'm sure PS3 fans will be delighted. I don't have a PS3 but it means I can now turn to Microsoft and ask them what they're going to do next to make their Achievements even better.

New accessories for my avatar every 200 points offline or online?
Free month of XBox Live for every 1000 points earned online?
Discount on DLC if I get 1000/1000 in one title?
A new system to differentiate and recognise easy achievements vs hard ones?

Competition is a good thing.
Posted 18:33 on 20 November 2008
Ego boost's Avatar
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Ego boost

YES AT LAST!!!!!! good news indeed tho i only buy first party titles on ps3 n e way as 360 versions always run bettter and do 1080p as a minimum. n e ways good news tho i thought this was gonna happen n e way
Posted 18:15 on 20 November 2008
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