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Interplay Entertainment has announced it has signed definitive agreements with Masthead Studios concerning the development of its post-apocalyptic MMO, codenamed Project: V13 - which, depending on the outcome of a legal dispute with Bethesda, could eventually launch as a Fallout MMO.

The MMO is scheduled to enter public Beta in 2012.

Project: V13 has been under development at Interplay since November 2007 by some of the original Fallout creators. Masthead joined the project in early 2009. Project: V13 will utilise the proprietary tools and MMO technology Masthead developed for its sci-fi MMO, Earthrise.

"Masthead's technology is impressive and perfect for our Project: V13. Its team is passionate to bring our vision and game play to the market," said Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Herve Caen. "This MMOG will have many unique features that we will disclose before launch of the public Beta in 2012."

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I really don't get how this is news. It was gonna come eventually. It's kinna like reporting Omg Obama's been shot. We all know it's gonna happen. It's just a matter of time.
Posted 15:45 on 25 January 2010
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Omg my life will be consumed! WoW now have real compition if this works the way it should do. Long wait though lol
Posted 11:49 on 25 January 2010
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