Batman: Arkham Origins screenshot
Batman: Arkham Origins screenshot

With 'Invisible Predator' being revealed today, Warner Bros. and Splash Damage have hinted that this won't be the only mode available when Batman: Arkham Origins releases later this year.

Speaking to Splash Damage creative director Alastair Cornish said: "Does the franchise and the world and the mechanics support the potential? Yes. But we're only talking about Invisible Predator at this time" when questioned about only a single mode being announced.

With original fears that any multiplayer offering would fall into simple deathmatch territory now being unfounded, or at least seemingly so, it'd be a shame for Splash Damage not to flex more creative muscle and show other ways in which the Arkham series can be adapted for online play.

Read our hands-on with Invisible Predator mode and why it's far better than you may think now.

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