• World Cup 2018 day 11 before it happens: England vs Panama

    Day 11 of the FIFA World Cup 2018 sees Japan take on Senegal, Poland battle it out with Shakira's beloved Colombia, and a conflicted Colm Ahern takes charge of England as they look to defeat the might of Panama.

    Posted 2018-06-24T07:46:56Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 10 before it happens: Germany vs Sweden

    On Day 10 of the FIFA World Cup 2018, we not only get to watch Belgium vs Tunisia, South Korea vs Mexico, and Germany vs Sweden, but we also learn of Rich's squandered chance at Premier League stardom.

    Posted 2018-06-22T16:16:10Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 9 before it happens: Serbia vs Switzerland

    My God, we've played a lot of games, but there are a lot of games to go! Today it's all about Brazil vs Costa Rica, Nigeria vs Iceland, and Serbia vs Switzerland. There's shock results, rough and tumble games, and some quality horse-based comedy.

    Posted 2018-06-22T08:37:38Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 8 before it happens: Argentina vs Croatia

    We're about half way through the group stages of the World Cup 2018. Wonderful. Day 8 focuses on the quite average Denmark vs Australia, dodgy VAR decisions in France vs Peru, and a big main event in Argentina vs Croatia.

    Posted 2018-06-21T06:49:01Z by Colm Ahern

  • Mario Tennis Aces video review

    Freelancer Adam Cook chatted to Colm about his time with Mario Tennis Aces, and it's most definitely a big improvement on the last entry in the series.

    Posted 2018-06-20T12:07:19Z by Adam Cook

  • World Cup 2018 day 7 before it happens: Iran vs Spain

    Day 7 of the FIFA World Cup 2018 brings with it stories of Gemma Collins, Portugal vs Morocco, Mick Jagger chat, Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia, far too much laughing, and Iran vs Spain. Also, Rich breaks Colm with his commentary skills.

    Posted 2018-06-20T06:49:33Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 6 before it happens: Russia vs Egypt

    The FIFA World Cup 2018 rages on and brings with it a hoarse Colm Ahern and tired Rich Walker. It's already taking its toll, but football stops for no one. Today its all about Colombia vs Japan, Poland vs Senegal, and Russia vs Mo Salah.

    Posted 2018-06-19T08:28:30Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 4 before it happens: Germany vs Mexico

    Day 4 of the World Cup 2018 includes Costa Rica vs Serbia, Brazil vs Switzerland, and Germany start their campaign against Mexico. Remember: these scores are final and will happen.

    Posted 2018-06-14T11:56:50Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 5 before it happens: Tunisia vs England

    Day 5 of the FIFA World Cup 2018 brings with it Sweden vs Korea, Belgium vs Panama, and Tunisia vs Rich Walker's beloved England. Can Walker and Kane finally win one?

    Posted 2018-06-14T11:53:43Z by Colm Ahern

  • World Cup 2018 day 3 before it happens: France vs Australia

    World Cup Day 3 is a big one with four games: France vs Australia, Argentina vs Iceland, Peru vs Denmark, Croatia vs Nigeria. This is going to save you loads of time, plus you get to hear Rich's Australian accent, which is always a positive.

    Posted 2018-06-14T11:52:13Z by Colm Ahern