Even if you were to add up the total amount of fatalities I've seen from watching the original movie, which is an awful lot, you probably wouldn't come anywhere close to the amount of people the Predator slices through in this iPhone game.

Instead of opting to take on the role of a human and feel the weight of their trivial emotions - like concerns over house prices - the game has you playing as a Predator, viewed from an isometric top-down perspective, and gives you the ultimate goal of lopping off Adrien Brody's head and keeping it for a trophy. Along the way you'll slice through the supporting cast of the new movie alongside hundreds of nameless meat puppets.

To do this, you're plopped into 23 similar looking, miniature jungle environments and forced to accomplish various tasks, which are usually killing a bunch of people but sometimes branch out into boss fights and survival missions. Let's be honest, Predators isn't going to go down in history for its nuance and variety.

It probably won't go down in history at all, but its most notable feature is the conveyor belt of human grunts that will aimlessly try to take you down. If I'm not being clear enough: there are a lot of things to kill. Humans have clearly got a bit softer in the twenty years since Arnie flexed his muscles and declared he could kill anything that bled. Your feeble opponents don't ever really put up much of a fight, and your bountiful supplies of health and energy are more than enough to let you easily cut great big swathes out of the human resistance.

You also unlock the expected armoury as you progress - wrist blades, plasma gun, the disc, combi stick and a net gun - and upgrade them with points you get from honourable killings. Which, in Predator speak, means tearing people in half or collecting their head as a trophy. You won't really need the upgrades much to begin with, but come the last five or six levels they'll become vital.

It very, very loosely ties itself into the plot of the movie, but for the most part it's all running around and killing wave upon wave of enemies. There's not much variety to be had, and you can wade through it in a couple of decent train journeys, but Predators keeps itself sharp enough for you to chop until it stops.