It's fair to say that golf isn't the sort of sport you can casually enjoy on a summer's afternoon trip to the beach. It's not the sort of sport that kids quickly enjoy on their breaks between lessons at school, and it's not the sort of sport you can fall into while messing around in the garden with a couple of friends. With all of that in mind Let's Golf sets out to reinvent the golfing genre and reinvigorate those feelings of nonchalant backyard fooling around. Let's Golf is golfing for the masses.

For a game with such simplistic goals Let's Golf has all of the key elements of a more serious sports sim, they're just cleverly disguised beneath the veil of cutesy caricature. Taking a swing is a simple case of tapping the screen to start an on-screen meter moving up and down, with another tap stopping the bar at your desired power setting. A little flag on the meter indicates how much power is needed and another similar gauge controls the accuracy of the shot. The game speeds along at a pace, with the streamlined UI providing an easy to master control mechanic that will have you smacking balls up the fairway in minutes.

The visuals are pleasant; each of the four courses on offer (two to begin with, with another two unlockable) are charmingly intricate and even the individual holes have their own unique flair. Occasionally the frame rate dips and, while not much of a problem during the camera panning sections, this can be massively frustrating when it happens as you're about to hit the ball.

In terms of content there are very few iPhone titles that will rival the sheer breadth of Let's Golf's offerings. Four full 18-hole courses, four fully customizable characters, a default and advanced control scheme as well as online and offline multiplayer make Let's Golf one of the most feature rich titles available from the App Store.

Let's Golf is so easy to jump straight into that you find yourself constantly stealing away minutes at a time to play a hole or two. With the only real let down being some occasional frame rate issues, Let's Golf is a real treat for golf fans and casual gamers alike.