I was surprised to find that Baby Nom Nom - despite its cutesy name - is actually a game very much founded in reality. Taking on the struggles of a single parent in a world that doesn't always seem to understand, you'll tackle a series of progressively more difficult challenges (represented here by colourful, rotating puzzles), as you endeavour to support a newborn child.

You have little time to worry anymore about your situation as you scramble to complete each level within a strict one-minute time limit. Rice flows around a cage, leaving you rushing to find an exit before the timer runs out. However, the challenge presents itself both with the pouring of the rice into the bowl (which requires some tremendously steady hands) and through the new mechanics that are introduced: locked doors, portals and pits of lava ready to punish any irresponsible spinning.

It's difficult not to find yourself resenting Baby Nom Nom just a little, as he/she consumes all of your hard work with such greed. After a while you might even think you've had enough, but just as you start to reach for an escape (represented here by the home button), he/she looks right at you with his/her big brown eyes and damn it, how could you ever think such a thing?!

So you return to the puzzles once again, spinning the probably-metaphorical maze that contains the probably-metaphorical rice that Baby Nom Nom demands.

Your prize for completing each of the 36 levels may initially seem underwhelming as you are awarded up to three stars depending on your rice-juggling skills, but really, the true satisfaction comes from watching Baby Nom Nom's face light up at the sheer amount of rice he/she has scored for his/her next meal.

I can't stay mad at you, Baby Nom Nom.