Many people assume that the video game movie tie-in is dead. Where consoles are concerned that may be the case. It certainly isn't when we turn our attentions to mobile.

Slowly becoming the dumping ground for any and all licensed gumpf, the latest to pop up is 300: Rise Of An Empire - Seize Your Glory. As it's based - obviously - on the film, you'd be within your rights to raise an eyebrow when you discover that it costs the grand price of nothing. Cue in-app purchase fears and Robocop-like levels of insanity.

Somewhat pleasantly, though, 300 isn't there to try and make a quick cash grab. Instead, its sole purpose, or so it would seem, is to serve as an another avenue to promote the movie. Basic, short, and to the point, Rise Of An Empire is nothing more than a standard hack-n-slash experience where you run around smacking half-naked men in the face. That's literally it. Occasionally it will ask you to use your shield, which in fairness was probably quite important back in the day when everyone else on earth wanted to cut your face off. Strategy, yeah?

For reasons that are never explained you'll win 'battles' from time-to-time - before being thrown into another identical-looking environment - but there's nothing cynical going on here. Warner Bros. has genuinely offered something of interest (if you can call it that) for anyone who wants to get pumped about warriors that are against clothes.

From a game-perspective that doesn't mean it's any good - you've seen everything 300 has to offer in about 2 minutes - but considering how 'Hey, give us all your cash right now' this could've been, it's a positive step forward we should all be pleased about.

Don't play it, though, obviously. It's rubbish...

Version Tested: iOS on iPhone 5. Finished in 35 minutes.