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Conker: Live and Reloaded Preview

Conker Live and Reloaded is Rare’s first big Xbox title. Due for release in March 2005, we recently played the level parodying the beach assault in Saving Private Ryan, and came away feeling pretty good about the game.

The most striking aspect of the game is the visuals. Conker, his buddies, and the evil Tediz all look wonderful, using the fur shading we last saw in Rare’s Starfox Adventures on the GameCube. Set at night, various neon effects fill the sky, in an opening that is a full on assault of the senses.

Gunfire can be heard all around as you make your way into the enemy base, gunning down Tediz that stand in your way. You are equipped with a machine gun, which thankfully doesn’t run out of ammo. Tediz come at you in large numbers, spearing you with their bayonets if they get in close.

Entering the base, the level veers away from the scene in the movie, introducing laser trip wires and flame throwing robots; not exactly from the time. Controls are good; one can strafe around crazed Tediz with no hassle, with a more standard third-person control scheme coming into play when you ready your gun. One potential problem is the fairly loose aiming, which will cause some problems for anyone schooled on Halo, often causing you to fire off target.

Humour, often containing multiple profanities, pops up regularly even in this single level, with a number of visual and aural gags causing a chuckle. This level in particular could be said to be in bad taste, but it will really depend on your own personal opinions.

The game looks great.

This single level has left us wanting more, and the March release can’t come soon enough. If the rest of the game can deliver more of the same and provide some top Xbox Live action, Conker Live & Reloaded could give Rare their first taste of success on the Xbox.

We will have more on the game as the March 2005 release draws nearer. For now, check out some fresh screens in the media section.


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Conker: Live and Reloaded

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