Zombie Driver HD is to be removed from Xbox Live Arcade following the bankruptcy of publisher Cyberfront Corporation, developer EXOR Studios has confirmed to VideoGamer.com.

Zombie driver hd

The game will be pulled from the service at the end of this month, and while it may return under a different publisher in the future, EXOR has yet to find a permanent solution.

"Due to the bankruptcy of Cyberfront Corporation (the XBLA publisher of the game) Zombie Driver HD will be taken down from the service at the end of this month," EXOR COO Pawel Lekki told VideoGamer.com this afternoon.

"We are currently working on getting the game re-published on XBLA however we can not confirm at this time when or if this will happen. EXOR Studios owns the IP, but we can not publish the game ourselves due to Microsoft's policies."

The game will also be removed from PlayStation Network in Japan where Cyberfront acted as the publisher. However, EXOR states that it is "already solving the situation with Sony and the game should be back online at a later time".

"All other platforms including Steam, PSN Europe, PSN America, Windows Store and Ouya are not affected by this situation because we were self-publishing the game on those platforms," he adds.

Anybody who has previously bought Zombie Driver HD on Xbox Live or purchases it before it's removed will still be able to redownload the game at a later date.

Twitter user lifelower claims that the game will be delisted from Xbox Live this Saturday, January 25.

"We also feel sorry for everyone at Cyberfront," adds Lekki. "It was good working with them and Cyberfront's dissolution came to us as a complete surprise. We hope that they won't have any problems with finding new jobs."

A further update regarding Zombie Driver HD's XBLA status is expected to be made by EXOR later this week.

Source: @lifelower