Zombie Army 4: Dead War is arriving on PC and consoles in February 2020

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Rebellion has announced that Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be coming to the Epic Games Store and consoles on February 4, 2020, as stated in a press release. 

Zombie Army: Dead War 4 is a sequel to the Zombie Army Trilogy spinoff developed by Rebellion after Sniper Elite 3. Following a team of four diverse characters in a post-war Europe, the shambling, zombified Hitler was killed and sent to hell. Just like the history books tell us, but in this universe, Hitler has now been resurrected and he is unhappy with the way things were left. 

Players can take on the hordes of undead soldiers in a single-player experience or invite up to three of their friends in online co-op. Of course, the grisly x-ray kill cam is a feature and the game promises new content galore in huge new levels and character customisation options. The horror will explore the macabre Mediterranean as players have never seen it before, with a Croatian zoo populated by undead creepy-crawlies and the canals of Venice swarming with zombies. And, demonically possessed tanks will summon the dead from the earth.

Pre-orders are now available for the three editions of the game. The Zombie Army 4 Collector’s Edition comes with physical and digital goodies like the soundtrack sample, the artbook, and a 10” zombie shark figurine. The Super Deluxe Edition will unlock post-launch add-ons, including three new campaign levels, four new characters, and nine weapon bundles.

Lastly, the Zombie Army 4 Deluxe Edition offers the Solid Gold weapon pack, the FG-24 Semi-Auto Rifle bundle, and the Undercover Karl character outfit pack. All pre-orders, regardless of edition, will come with the Undead Airman character pack, a playable prim and proper British zombie. 

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through the Epic Games Store on February 4, 2020. Watch the new gameplay trailer below.


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