You can finish Man of Medan in ‘around four hours’

You can finish Man of Medan in ‘around four hours’
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Man of Medan game director Tom Heaton, and not the Burnley goalkeeper, told Wccftech that the game will clock in at 'around four hours,' but did clarify that 'it may be a little higher or a little lower depending on your choices.'

A single playthrough of developer Supermassive Games' Until Dawn took me around eight hours or so, but I did go back and play it through a few times because I wanted to see how different dialogue choices changed the story, so I can only imagine I'll want to do similar if Man of Medan is as good. 

Like the wonderful PS4 exclusive from 2015 starring Mr. Robot and the cheerleader from Heroes, Man of Medan has multiple playable characters that can die at any point. 'We’ll always tell you a good story but we’ve no idea who is going to be there at the end,' said the man who may or may not play football recreationally, but doesn't play it professionally for Burnley. 'It may be everybody or it may be nobody at all.'

Josh got to play a bit of it last month and came away quite pleased with its scary pipes. Have a read / watch of his preview if you want to know more.

Man of Medan is scheduled to launch next year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.