Beyond: Two Souls may have left critics divided, but Sony's Shuhei Yoshida is still "excited" to see what director David Cage can do with his upcoming PlayStation 4 project.

" I visited David [Cage] at [Quantic Dream's] office in Paris", tweeted Yoshida following yesterday's reviews, "shared my honest feedback with Beyond, reassured how much I'm excited with his next project."

Though Yoshida chose not to reveal what his feedback was, the wording of his tweet suggests he may have lacked some confidence in the project, which sees Ellen Page starring as Jodie Holmes, a young woman with the power to summon a mysterious spiritual being.

Opinions on the game have ranged massively, with scores ranging between 3/10 and a 5/5. Our review, which scored the game 4/10, called the title "a serious misstep" for Cage and "flawed in almost every possible way".

Cage's PS4 project has yet to be revealed, but a look at the tech expected to be included in the next-gen title was shown off during the director's latest short The Dark Sorcerer.

Source: @yosp

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