News that Xfire was to power the online element of PlayStation 3 hack 'n slasher Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom was revealed back in August, but no specific implementation details were given. Today Xfire has been spilling some new information on how the online buddy system will work with the PlayStation 3.

Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy told GameSpot that Xfire will provide Dark Kingdom with text chat and friends list support, allowing PS3 gamers to chat with buddies using Xfire on a PC. More features, presumably voice chat, are said going to be added to the game at a later date. Cassidy also said that their goal is to have all PS3 games using Xfire, but notes that currently "less than 10" PS3 games are supporting the Xfire tools.

Something worth knowing is that Xfire is just an optional service for Dark Kingdom, and as Sony Online Entertainment producer Andy Sites points out you can play online just fine without it. "We support the PlayStation Network friends, matchmaking, and messaging service, and we've also integrated Xfire," said Sites. "So you can use both, or you can choose to use Xfire, or just the PlayStation Network. We've integrated them so they work well together."

It looks like gamers will get a choice, but this is already a sign that the PS3 online service will be segregated - something which has been cause for concern in the build up to the console's launch.