Microsoft has applied for a patent that ties "awards and achievements to particular items of video or advertising content", suggesting that Xbox One could reward users for watching specific video content.

"Television viewing tends to be a passive experience for a viewer, without many opportunities for the viewer to engage or have interactive experiences with the presented content," the application states (as reported by

"To increase interactive viewing and encourage a user to watch one or more particular items of video content, awards and achievements may be tied to those items of video content."

The technology could lead to viewers being awarded for watching particular TV shows or sporting events, with GamesIndustry citing two examples in the application as "watching a single event like the Super Bowl, or for watching an entire series of a single show".

The application continues: "Additionally, by tying the awards and achievements to particular items of video or advertising content, viewers may be encouraged to increase their viewership of the content, thus increasing advertising opportunities."

The technology ties in with Microsoft's ambition for Xbox One, which the firm describes as the "all-in-one games and entertainment system".

It also appears to match Microsoft's plans to overhaul its achievements system with "more frequent updates" and "more ways to earn".


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