The Xbox One Wireless Controller will cost $59.99 in the US, a listing on the Microsoft Store has revealed.

This means the new console's pad is priced at a $10 premium over the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Likewise, the controller plus Play and Charge kit bundle is priced $10 dearer than the Xbox 360 set, asking consumers to pay $74.99.

Those wanting the official Microsoft Wired Headset will need to pay $24.99, according to the store.

No UK pricing has been announced, but the UK Microsoft Store asks £34.99 for the regular Wireless Controller, suggesting a £40-£45 price tag on the Xbox One pad.

Xbox One will launch in November priced £429.99.

The PS4's DualShock 4 is also priced at $59.99 in the US, with the UK RRP confirmed at £54. Xbox fans will be hoping Microsoft's currency conversion is more generous to gamers in the UK.

Source: Microsoft Store