Xbox One will introduce content filters to hide offensive language

Xbox One will introduce content filters to hide offensive language
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The Xbox team have announced that player-centric text filters will be coming to the Xbox One by the end of this year, and these will hide offensive language to differing degrees (via Xbox Wire).

Xbox Insiders will be able to grapple with the new settings today, and there are four different levels of content filters to choose from. The Friendly, Medium, Mature and Unfiltered levels are customisable, meaning that they can be applied to some messages and not others as the user sees fit. For example, players may be used to a bit of light profanity from their pals but could turn the filters on for messages from random people.

The Friendly setting will be applied to all child accounts, and will change all text containing profanity or words with negative associations with ‘Potentially offensive message hidden’. Medium will let profanity be shown but will change words that Xbox deems unsuitable and thinks will lead to bullying. The Mature filter will only affect profanity on the stronger side of the spectrum, whereas Unfiltered will not change any of the text sent between players. 

Dave McCarthy, corporate vice president of Xbox operations, said that the changes are a part of Xbox’s ambition to create a positive gaming environment for all, and it is just one of its ongoing improvements delivered to the console. ‘We believe that gaming should be inclusive and welcoming for everyone, which means creating experiences and communities that invite everyone to play safely and responsibly,’ he said.

The new content filters are available for Xbox Insiders today and are coming to all Xbox users by the end of this year. Xbox has released a video that explains it all below.