Gamers currently beta testing the Xbox 360 autumn dashboard update are reporting that pricing after the update has increased by up to 32 per cent.

The new dashboard replaces Microsoft Points with local currency pricing, and converts all current MS Points balances to the user's currency.

But this appears to have resulted in some mismatched pricing, with prices appearing higher after the conversion.

A 4200 Microsoft Points card currently costs £33 at GAME, and is converted to £35.70 on the beta Xbox 360 update. This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially if you've managed to secure some points below the regular price.

However, there are widespread reports that game and DLC pricing has increased - 400 MS Points items which used to cost the equivalent of £3.40 now cost £4.49.

Likewise, the following price increases have been reported:

800 MS Points (£6.80) is now £8.99

1200 MS Points (£10.40) is now £11.99

1600 MS Points (£13.60) is now £14.99

Microsoft has yet to comment on the price hikes.

While the update is currently in beta, should the price hikes be carried forward to the final release this is another bad news story for Microsoft, which has yet to recover from its disastrous E3.

While the 1200 MS Points titles' jump to £11.99 seems to bring pricing in-line with the PlayStation Store, the 800 MS Points transition to £8.99 is about a pound dearer than the PSN equivalent.