by on Sep 9, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic servers subjected to a wave of DDoS attacks

Over the weekend, World of Warcraft Classic was affected by a series of DDoS attacks that downed all U.S. servers, as reported by Kotaku

A Twitter account named UkDrillas took credit for the attacks, providing a warning before knocking out servers, as well as a few non-Classic ones. The attack resulted in multiple login failures, timeouts, player kicks, and exceptionally drawn-out wait times. The Twitter account has since been terminated, and Blizzard has confirmed that the assault is over. 

Although the user is no longer targeting World of Warcraft Classic, players are continuing to experience issues, such as high latency, disconnections, and failed logins. One player said that they hadn’t been able to successfully log in for almost four days, and some are asking Blizzard for compensation. ‘And are we going to get a time credit for this? Plenty of folks like myself only play on the weekend and also only re-subbed for classic,’ another player said. Supporting Blizzard’s efforts, one player replied, ‘Do you get a free flight when all flights are grounded due to weather? NOPE! Its out the airport/airliners control, and although your ‘service’ wasn’t provided, you’re simply SOL.’


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