Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gets New Endgame Content in Latest Patch

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gets New Endgame Content in Latest Patch
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Co-op shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood has recieved an update that not only brings the game up to 1.07, but adds a bunch of new content for Jessie and Zofia to chew through as they blast their way through Nazis.

 As detailed in the game's official patch notes,  completing the end game sidequest 'Da’at Yichud Artifacts' will grant access to a new 'Treasure Hunt' sidequest, which will take you to two new locations in the game – a reservoir in Paris and a secret Nazi bunker. You'll have to contend with three new enemy types; the Wurmlochsoldat (Teleporting Übersoldier), the Electrodrohne (Tesla Drone) and the Turmhund (Laserhund with a turret).

Succesfully finish the mission, and you'll be rewarded with 20 Treasure Maps which, when followed will lead you to the location of artifacts which will grant XP bonuses, a Silver Coin and an Ability Point, which will be handy for the new additions to the three ability trees which also get added in the update. Also new is the 'God Key Sense' ability which will help you find some of these artifacts, which thankfully won't require you to spend those precious Ability Points to obtain.

The update also contains some new skins, should you be so inclined – you can check out the full details on the 1.07 patch in the aforementioned update post. The update should be available now for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and will be heading to the Nintendo Switch version 'soon'.