EA Access, the subscription service which gives players access to a catalogue of EA titles, remains exclusive to Xbox One, and EA COO Peter Moore doesn't seem too bothered about bringing it to PS4 any time soon.

GameSpot asked Moore if he'd like to see the service come to PS4. "Doesn't matter," replied Moore.

"It's on Xbox One, and those customers love it. We have analytics on everything these days, and subscriber satisfaction rates are through the roof. EA Access customers get to play more, because of the Vault, they get to play early, ahead of general release date, and they get to pay less because of the discounts it offers."

EA's COO remained equally dismissive when asked if, considering the success on Xbox One, it would make good business sense to see the service come to PS4.

"But it's not. It's on Xbox One."

When asked if this was part of a deal with Microsoft, Moore simply replied "It's on Xbox One."

Sony stated last month that EA Access didn't represent value for money to consumers, something which Moore acknowledged when pressed again.

"Well Sony talked about it, ask them [laughs]. There's not much left for me to say."

Source: GameSpot

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