WildStar developer Robert Land has posted a new developer diary detailing the process behind developing a monster in the game from its earliest stage.

The blog focuses on the creation of WildStar boss Metal Maw. Land explains:

"I needed to anchor Metal Maw within one of the many and varied factions or environments that populate the world of Nexus. Luckily for me, the Frankenstein'd, metal-grafted-onto-an-unwilling-organic-host thing going on in the original sketch fits pretty well into the modus operandi of the Eldan.

"They are responsible for the mysterious experiments and dangerous technology you will be encountering all over the planet, so Metal Maw could easily be some kind of water-based leviathan that has been modified by Eldan science into a twisted, nuclear-cannon-backed land-walker."

WildStar is the upcoming MMO from Carbine Studios. Currently no release date has been announced.

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