Tesco has cut the price of an 8GB Wii U to £99 - the first time the console has been available for less than £100 from a major UK retailer.

While the reduction doesn't mark an official price cut, it does add weight to reports stating that Nintendo had cut the cost price of the console late last year.

Back in December, MCV reported that the cost price of an 8GB Wii U had been reduced by £70 in an attempt to "clear out" existing stock. Nintendo does not set the retail price for hardware in the UK, with the price instead determined by retailers themselves.

The Basic 8GB Wii U pack usually retails for around £149.99.

The more expensive 32GB Wii U does not appear to have received any major discounting, however, with the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack still available at Tesco for £199.

Source: tesco.com

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