Paul Devlin by on Feb 6, 2007

Wii outsells PS3 by four to one in Japan

In the final week of January, Nintendo’s Wii trumped Sony’s PS3 by four to one in Japan – selling 80,000 consoles compared to 20,000.

Sales analysts Media Create also reported that last month Wii was outselling PS3 by three to one, with 400,000 units shifted compared to 150,000. Since launching last November, 1.4 million Wiis have been sold in Japan, while the PS3 trails with 614,000.

The sales gap has prompted experts to suggest Sony could be cutting the price of its expensive next gen machine as early as the end of the year. Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Japanese games mag publisher Enterbrain, said: “There could be a price cut for the PS3 by the end of the year and more software titles will hit the market. I expect the PS3 to be doing better after a while. Of course, the Wii will keep running ahead all the while.”

PlayStation 2 also continues to slightly outsell its next-gen big brother in Japan and spare a thought for Xbox 360, which only managed to shift 7,000 units in the final week of January.


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