EA has today announced that FIFA 09 All-Play for Wii has been developed to take advantage of the system's unique capabilities and audience.

The Wii game will offer two ways to play: a Wii specific take on the authentic 11 vs 11 play or an over-the-top 8 vs 8 arcade game. The arcade action will feature stylised Mii versions of your favourite superstars, like Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney.

FIFA 09 All-Play will also feature refined motion and point-and-play controls which EA is promising will make the game more intuitive. As with FIFA 08, FIFA 09 All-Play will offer two control methods: advanced controls for experienced players and new All-Play controls that enable novice players to take advantage of AI assistance and simplified controls.

"You've never played football like this before," said Kaz Makita, Line Producer of FIFA 09 All-Play. "Our new '8 vs. 8' Footii Match enables you to play an exaggerated style of football where the personality of your Mii comes to life. You can play with your Mii characters against or alongside some of the biggest stars in a truly unique football experience tailored specifically for the Wii version of FIFA 09."

FIFA 09 All-Play is scheduled for release this autumn on Wii and will be joined by versions of FIFA 09 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS2, PSP and DS.

Check out details of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions here.