PSN game When Vikings Attack will be expanded this week with a series of new Vs. Mode maps which didn't fit in with the game's theme.

Look out for 10 new Vs. Mode levels each taking a recreational theme, plus a host of other content for only €3.99.

  • 10 new Vs. Mode levels - Each one themed around recreational mayhem with a unique environmental hazard to watch out for.
  • Solo Survival mode - A new single player game mode where you face off against waves history's greatest warriors, survive as long as you can and get to the top of the leaderboards.
  • New unlockable characters - Unlock 10 warriors in solo survival.
  • Six new trophies - New specific challenges based around the DLC content to unlock.

In celebration of the game's release in Japan, players will also be able to unlock Japanese exclusive character The Tired Oyaji. It will also be possible to buy new costumes based around Japanese cats, Toro and Kuro.

All this will be available on February 13, alongside a Special Edition Pack which contains the original game and DLC for €12.99. Content is cross-buy, meaning you buy for one platform and get it free on the other.

And the new content doesn't end there. A free game patch has been released bringing Ad-Hoc support to PS Vita, while cross-platform invites now make it easier to bring PS3 and PS Vita players together.

Finally, if you're yet to be convinced by When Vikings Attack, a Trial is available on PSN, offering one Adventure level and one Vs. game mode.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog